What’s Hot Now? Check Out 2014 Fall/Winter Shoes Trend


Shoes are in the top 5 best selling products in Hong Kong online shops! So how often do you purchase a pair of shoes in online fashion shops? How many pairs of shoes do you have at your home? To avoid buying any unnecessary shoes, you should pay attention to the trend of shoes. Autumn has come! Let’s see what shoes are on trend now! 鞋是香港人最喜愛的五大網購產品之一。通常隔多長時間你會在網上買鞋呢?而你家裡的鞋櫃又有多少雙鞋呢?為了讓家裡有更多的空間, 我們買鞋之前一定要留意當時最流行的鞋款!秋天來了,一起看看今個秋冬要添置什麼鞋款吧! 1. Sandal It’s … Read More →