Buy exceptional skincare from French luxury Institut Esthederm

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Institut ESTHEDERM is a French skincare brand found in 1978, created by a Biologist, Doctor in Pharmacy Jean-Noël THOREL. Based on over 35 years of research and more than 80 patents filed by Institut Esthederm, all products are formulated using active ingredients that specifically help re-educate the skin in maintaining its energy and regaining its full capacities. 法國護膚品牌Institut Esthederm是由世界十大皮膚學權威之一Dr. Thorel所創立,提倡生物美容科技,所有產品功效與質數素均得到保證。透過超過35年的研究和超過80條專利配方, Institut Esthederm護膚品有效保持皮膚年輕,激發細胞潛在的活力,充分發揮其天然能力,貫徹追求皮膚健康美的承諾。 Institut Esthederm enjoys a stellar following of celebrity … Read More →

Best Guide of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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Valentine’s Day is coming! You are probably bothering what Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for your girlfriend and walking around the fashion shops to search for Valentine’s Day present to please your girlfriend in this romantic season. Let’s see and preview what kind of fashion in Hong Kong we suggest and feature in the following weeks to get some good ideas! 情人節快到了,轉眼間又要準備情人節禮物,你身是否費煞思量,還未想好要送什麼給你的女友?你最近可能四處尋找合適的禮物讓女友留下甜蜜回憶,現在不如坐定定,讓我們為你推介現有和即將推出的時裝特賣! The Dot Set Them Free scarf Keep warm this … Read More →

5 Young Fashion Designer Luxury Brands You Should Not Miss

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You can easily search for a long list of fashion designer luxury brands when you are online fashion shopping in the online fashion shops. Below are five best young and fashionable brands we suggest for you. 當你在網上網物的時候,你應該會發現有很多設計師名牌!以下是PrivateSale.hk為你推介的幾個年輕及時尚的品牌。 TOM FORD Tom Ford has launched a collection of luxurious lipsticks “LIPS & BOYS” in December 2014.  This Lips and Boys limited-edition 50-shade lipstick collection is named after all the men in Mr. … Read More →

Top 5 Best Selling Products in Hong Kong Online Shops

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In a digitalized world with everyone owning at least one personal computer, smartphone or media tablet, online shopping in Hong Kong is more convenient and accessible in Hong Kong online shops. So, what top 5 best selling items are Hong Kong people shopping online? 在資訊發達的世界裡,每人手前都最少擁有一部電腦、智能手機或平板電腦。因此,在香港網上購物變得十分方便和簡單。究竟甚麼是香港網上購物五大最暢銷的產品呢? Acocording to a survy conducted by GfK Retail in January and April, among the top 10 online shopping categories, clothing came out top, followed by … Read More →

Winter’s Coming! Time To Buy BIOTHERM Aqua Skincare Online!


Biotherm is a French luxury skin care company owned by L’Oreal. Biotherm originated from mineral water. Thus, therm in Biotherm comes from thermal plankton which is supposedly a key to healthy skin and a potent skin rejuvenator and an ingredient found in all Biotherm products. Bio comes from the profession of the founder biologist. Biotherm 是L’Oréal旗下的法國尊貴護膚品牌。BIOTHERM這個字來自礦泉水。Biotherm 中的therm解作熱浮游生物,而這些生物則是健康皮膚與緊致肌膚的關鍵,是所有Biotherm產品中的成分。而BIO則來自於創始人的職業 – 生物學家。 In 1985, BIOTHERM HOMME was born. It is the first Biotherm skincare product for men. Its best seller – Aquapower Refreshing … Read More →

HK shops for fashion online: buying designer brands at sale prices

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The news is in: Hong Kong people love to shop for fashion and accessories online, and branded fashion sits atop of HK’s shopping list. So what are we stylish, tech-savvy Hong-Kongers buying the most of? A recent GfK study reported that clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, and facial skincare are the top 5 categories purchased online in the city, with 9 out of 10 people having bought something online before. 港人時常以各大時裝品牌為購物清單的首選,而近年好像淘寶、 … Read More →

Morellato with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Irina Shayk

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Morellato & Sector is currently the world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of jewellery and watches that are an expression of contemporary luxury, which embody emotions, desires and lifestyles. Morellato & Sector 是目前全球珠寶和手錶設計、生產和營銷方面的佼佼者,珠寶和手錶是當代奢華品的代表,象徵著情感、慾望與生活風格。 Irina Shayk who is a Russian supermodel has been the new face of the Morellato’s international campaign for fall-winter 2012/13. She has worked with well-known top brands like Armani, Intimissimi, Guess, Avon, Replay, and so … Read More →

Sophisticated And Luxurious Tom Ford Eyewear

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Tom Ford eyewear is born In April 2005. Tom Ford announced the creation of the TOM FORD brand and worked with Marcolin to produce glasses and sunglasses. Bold, yet elegant, Tom Ford eyewear exude sophistication and a sense of luxury. 於2005年4月,Tom Ford宣佈成立同名品牌,並與著名生產商Marcolin合作生產眼鏡及太陽眼鏡。 大膽,又不失優雅,Tom Ford太陽眼鏡渾身散發出成熟和奢華感。 A must have item for many celebrities Tom Ford Glasses and Sunglasses are fast becoming one of the best selling eyewear brand collection around the world. … Read More →

What We Want: Camouflage and Nylon Strap Sector Watches

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Sector watches brand is launched in 1973 and has always been closely associated with continuous personal challenges. Its essence is encompassed on 3 keywords: SECTOR NO LIMITS, INDESTRUCTIBLE, ITALIAN DESIGN. Sector 是於1973年成立的鐘錶品牌,戴上Sector鐘錶的人便有勇氣去接受任何挑戰。Sector的核心價值在於沒有限制、堅不可摧及意大利設計的。 We’re all over camouflage showing up everywhere in 2014. We have to think carefully how to add it into our outfit in the best way. There’s one rule that we must follow: Only wear one piece of camo at … Read More →



LE BUNNY BLEU is a footwear brand from New York that offers quirky, colourful, charming and totally adorable collection. Bunny is its company logo and signature that LE BUNNY BLEU is so popular with flats with a little bunny face on it. LE BUNNY BLEU是一個來自紐約鞋履品牌,設計趣怪、色彩繽紛和可愛的鞋款。小白兔是品牌的標誌,因此兔頭鞋是最受歡迎的款式之一。   Signature shoes range from classic to avant-garde and include: Oxfords, Slip-ons, Loafers, Ballet Flats, Sandals, Boots and Fashion Sneakers. LE BUNNY BLUE shoes are … Read More →