Shop Lunar New Year presents online for friends and family

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Lunar New Year is coming and are you searching for the best gift to exchange with your beloved family, relatives and friends? Fashion online shop in Hong Kong can help you inspire more gift ideas. With online shopping in Hong Kong and free delivery, you can send your fancy New Year gifts to all your loved ones living places directly! We have rounded up these selections for your inspiration. … Read More →

Best Guide of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

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Valentine’s Day is coming! You are probably bothering what Valentine’s Day gifts to buy for your girlfriend and walking around the fashion shops to search for Valentine’s Day present to please your girlfriend in this romantic season. Let’s see and preview what kind of fashion in Hong Kong we suggest and feature in the following weeks to get some good ideas! 情人節快到了,轉眼間又要準備情人節禮物,你身是否費煞思量,還未想好要送什麼給你的女友?你最近可能四處尋找合適的禮物讓女友留下甜蜜回憶,現在不如坐定定,讓我們為你推介現有和即將推出的時裝特賣! The Dot Set Them Free scarf Keep warm this … Read More →

When Disney’s Frozen Collection Joins Hong Kong Fashion……

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Hong Kong brand and fashion designer Suki Tsui first crossover with Disney’s Frozen Collection brings the famous cartoon characters into life.「Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore.」I am sure that you have heard this song! Everyone who has watched 《Frozen》, no matter it is kids or adult, wants to become Princess Elsa or Anna. Now you get the chance! 本地品牌及時裝設計師 Suki Tsui首次與迪士尼合作,將迪士尼電影<魔雪奇緣>故事中的人物和景物融入時裝設計中,化身成圖案。「Let it go, let it go. Can’t … Read More →

5 Young Fashion Designer Luxury Brands You Should Not Miss

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You can easily search for a long list of fashion designer luxury brands when you are online fashion shopping in the online fashion shops. Below are five best young and fashionable brands we suggest for you. 當你在網上網物的時候,你應該會發現有很多設計師名牌!以下是PrivateSale.hk為你推介的幾個年輕及時尚的品牌。 TOM FORD Tom Ford has launched a collection of luxurious lipsticks “LIPS & BOYS” in December 2014.  This Lips and Boys limited-edition 50-shade lipstick collection is named after all the men in Mr. … Read More →

Support And Shop Whatever It takes Celebrity Charity Watches!

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Whatever It Takes is a non-profit making organization raising funds for key global development causes, including poverty alleviation, the protection of children, and environmental conservation. Over 690 leaders in the fields of fashion, film, television, art and music, have donated their artworks. You can online shopping in Hong Kong now and support the charity activities at the same time! Whatever It Takes 是一家慈善機構,為全球發展募集資金,包括扶貧,保護兒童和環境的保護。超過690位時裝、電影、電視、藝術和音樂工作者已經捐贈了他們的作品。現在你可以同一時間網上購物和支持慈善活動! Their artworks include watches, clothing, mugs, computer … Read More →

What’s Hot About Sunglasses Now?


Check out the sunglasses trend now! Sunglasses are one kind of accessory that can bright up your outfit everyday and make you a real fashionable and catchy lady or guy. People may think that sunglasses are just for summer. Definitely not! Eyewears are applicable to all four seasons whenever you want to look trendy. To assure that you are wearing the right pair of eyewear, let’s take a look of … Read More →

Men’s And Women’s Watches Trend You Should Know About

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When watches become the essential fashion accessories in people’s daily lives, increasingly delicate design and high quality has been pursuit. To a large extent, watches have been treated as the symbol of one’s fashion taste and social status. 手錶可謂生活中的必需品,它既可作時尚打扮之用,又可提供其時間的功能!因此,現時大家都追求高質和設計時尚的手錶。再者,看看一個人所戴的手錶就能反映出其時尚品味和社會地位。 There are a lot of watches brands all over the world. Some entry-level luxury brands like Tissot or Longines or Diamant Rouge are quite popular when people want to buy a … Read More →

Shop The Best Flip Flop In The World Online : Havaianas

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Havaianas is the most popular Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandals established in 1962, with 150 million pairs being made every year. It provides flip-flop sandals and accessories for men, women, kids and baby. Havaianas是全世界第一的巴西拖鞋品牌,創立於1962年,每年生產超過1,500萬對拖鞋。Havaianas拖鞋和飾品系列包括男士、女士、小童和嬰兒。 To support Brazil in the World Cup every 4 year, Havaianas introduced a line of flip-flops featuring a small Brazilian flag on the strap. Same design is available for other nations as well for different supporters! … Read More →

Brand with Attitude: FCUK Fashion-Forward Timpieces


French Connection UK or FCUK founded in 1972 is a high fashion brand in Britain offering fashion clothing, accessories, timepieces and homeware. French Connection now offers a fashion-forward clothing range with a quirky spin on design, priding itself on quality and affordable prices. FCUK是英國時裝品牌French Connection United Kingdom的簡稱,品牌於1972年創立,銷售品牌服飾、首飾、鐘錶及家居用品。French Connection自面世以來,以敢作敢為、不與俗同流的設計風格,成為極受歡迎的時尚首選。 What I like FCUK the most is their own attitude towards their idea and design and they are not easy to compromise even … Read More →

Best 5 Christmas Gifts to Buy for Your Boyfriend Online

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Whenever Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your boyfriend’s birthday or Christmas is coming, you will bother what to buy for them as presents. It is not an easy task as they may have everything they need or they are just picky. So… it is the end of October. Have you started bothering what kind of men’s fashion items to purchase for your boyfriend for the coming Christmas? I hope this post … Read More →